48 years in the recording industry

History Arve Sigvaldsen, A&R, producer, songwriter  
2017 Produced Frem Fra Glemselen, chap. 22, and 20 traditional folk tales. My own radioserie on NRK P1+
2016 Transferred all copyrights to Pål Sigvaldsen, Talent Musikk. Speech for the National Library in Mo i Rana
2015 Digitized another 140 albums for Warner (2015-2017).
2014 Digitized 25 tales of late King Haakon VII. 
2013 Rune Rudberg and TeddyBears back on the Top Album Charts (VG). EMI sold to Warner. 
2012 Member of NMFF (publishing), producing new material with Stein Ingebrigtsen. Talent-label 40 years !
2011 Massive digitizing and remastering for EMI with more than 100 albums
2010 Inger Lise Rypdal with great comeback-show based on her previous recordings for the Talent-label. 
2009 Started commercial radiostation RADIO PLUSS in partnership, focused on the Norwegian recordings
2008 The TREFF srie from tthe 70s back in the best selling albums charts (Licensed to EMI)
2007 Digitalisering og designet "Diamant"serie for EMI. Medarrangør for LYDARKIV-konf.i Stavanger 2007
2006 Spesialize in digitizing, and remastering for the internet. Member of official Sound Archives comittee
2005 New product: "Greeting Cards with CD" with 150.000 sales only via Post offices
2004 Continued business wiith Elap. Also success with "8-CD boxes" 
2003 A lot of releases with Elap (DK - licensee), doing also editing, remastering and design
2002 "Talent"-label 30 years with appx 100 releases in the CD market as licensor via Bellevue, Universal a.o.
2001 NUI bankrupt. Agreement with Danish Bellevue Entertainment for low price exposure of the catalogue
2000 Makes licensing and distribution agreement with NUI Engros, based on low price and campaigns. 
1999 Started woring with Danish companies, releasing 3CD-boxes in Norway
1998 CDN bankrupt, great losses in money and goods.
1997 Took part in new distributionset up: CDN, working with Swedish Mariann Records. 
1996 New singings to the Crema label: DAG FRØLAND and SPUTNIK.
1995 Combined NRK and NOPA with new summer songs competition. 
1994 Chairman of NOPA's phonogramfund.  Released the songs from 1994 Lillehammer Olympics (NRK)
1993 Restarted the Talent company as Talent Video & Audio Produksjon AS (TVA).
1992 Won the Norwegian Eurovisionfinal with Merete Trøan "Visjoner" (producer, publisher)
1991 Reproduced Dag Frølands legendary Chat Noir-shows for video, licensed to Egmont
1990 Established Crema Video with cartoons and comedies, distributed by Egmont Film
1989 Won the Norwegian Eurovisionfinal Britt Synnøve "Venners nærhet" (producer, publisher, label)
1988 Started Crema A/S with Finn KALVIK (Livets lyse side) and  Rune RUDBERG (Ut mot havet).
1987 Produced children tales with Wenche Foss, Henki Kolstad a.o. Sold Arco Trading to investorgroup.
1986 Co-wrote and released «Sing me a song» with RETURN (56 weeks on Norsktoppen - radio chart)
1985 Established Victory publishing with Jens Book-Jenssen «Det er lov å være bli'» (record, soundbook, book)
1984 Took part in establishing Rainbow studio, led by Jan Erik Kongshaug as manager and owner. 
1983 TMO/Bendiksen bankrupt. Arco profiled on media-releases (music / magazines). 
1982 Resigned and started Arco Trading.
1981 New acts: Jannicke and Tramteatret. Board of TMO sell the company to competitor Arne Bendiksen. 
1980 Talent in fusiuon with Disco (RCA, MCA, Motown a.o.), forming TMO (Talent Music Organisation), 
1979 Meetings and discussion with politicians, that led to Norsk Kassettavgiftfond (recording support).
1978 Released UNIT FIVE, successful band from the very North
1977 Released "Barnas viser" (Children songs - 4 utgivelser, that stille are availble in most shops).
1976 Fist release of sucess-serie COUNTRYFEST; Lillian Askeland, Bjøro Håland and Big Hand, total of 8 rel.)
1975 Established and owned Talent Studio, with Jan Erik Kongshaug as manager and chief engineer
1974 Produced and promoted the first release of the success-serie FREM FRA GLEMSELEN (ancient songs)
1973 Produced and promoted first Norwegian Platinum album ever with 4-70 (Inger Lise Rypdal).
1972 Established my own co. Talent Produksjon AS, distributed by NERA
1971 Became A&R manager of the total NERA catalogue (RCA a.o.) exc. classical music
1970 Produced and promoted the TREFF-serie (22 releases) 
1969 Produced and promoted a string of hits (Langt hår, Bislet Special, Finne meg sjæl...) 
1968 Produced and promoted Inger Lise Rypdal (Romeo & Julie/Fru Johnsen)
1967 Produced and promoted artists like 1-2-6 (Graveyard Paradise), Difference, Wentzel, Few
1966 Entered the music industry with Nera (RCA) as AR-manager and local producer

The first 6 Nera years with local and international A&R

The Talent decade with great artists and studio

A period with media campaigns and videoproduction

Coworking with Denmark, 3CD boxes and low price campaigns

Internet, digitizing, new products. Talent label in 40 years

Comeback for Rune Rudberg, TeddyBears and Kong Haakon VII
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