Songs from Stavanger

STAVANGER - The "Oil Capital" of Norway was also the European "City Of Culture in  2008 - and rightfully. The city has a blooming history of songs and lyrics that mean a lot to generations of Stavangerpeople.

In 1976 August Mauritzen produced 2 albums with these songs, with local artists.

The first 
Me komme seint men me komme godt, sold 25.000 (Golden record), and the followup Me lig’ikkje skrøyd also did very well.

Today you can stream and download these great songs, and theyu are even available on a double-CD-album. Here is maybe 30 of the reasons that Stavanger in 2008 was elected Cultural City Of Europe !

LP no 1

LP no 2

ESS-TCD 2001 double CD
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