The Man who can take a blow

He is the most ”straight forward artist”on the Norwegian music scene. Rune Rudberg’s career has been a merry-go-round. Women love him (and he loves them) while critics, other’s boyfriends and sometime the authorities chase him ! But you have to admit that he is a great singer of pop, country and commercial music. He is also an acknowledged songwriter.

He started his recording career in 1983 with the 2+2+2 scoring a hit with their first release Alle vil vi gratulere (Happy Country Birthday Darling). The band broke up in 1985 and Rune invited the 2 sisters Laila and Heidi Holm from the band to form the group “Run with the Girls”.

Their only single “Hot Summer” was released in 10 countries and proved his potensial.


His big breakthrough came in 1988 with Ut mot havet, a song based on Emotion’s ”You Want Love”,  and he took his debutalbum to the top of all sales charts.

In 2013 he released his first album in Norwegian for 10 years, and scored big again with entering no 1 spot in the Sales Charts.

Released by Tylden & Co. 2013 under license

The firsty hit, released in many countries

Re-release: The

TWEB 023 Swedish album

TCD 5002 Debut album

TCD 5004 another smash 100.000 seller

TCD 5009

TVA 1007 his first country album

TVA 1021 Best Of

TVA 1039 early material (singles) plus bonus tracks

Happy Country with 2+2+2 and Country Snakes

Popular Top 20 collection

Most wanted songs
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