Septimus started in the late 60s with members Rune Alstedt, Birger Dahlmann and Steinar Fjeld.  In 1971 the band was touring USA and released some singles on RCA and EMI.  When they signed their first album contract with Talent Records in 1973 the members were:
Steinar Fjeld (vocals, guitar)
Rolf Guttormsen (bass)
Kid Jensen (trumpet, guitar)
Øivind Myhre (organ, piano), vocals
Trond Eliassen (sax, trombone)
Kai Arild Knutsen (drums)
Septimus had many replacements throughout the years, only Kai Knutsen and Steinar Fjeld stayed on until they broke up the band. Many reknown musicians played with the band during the years (see list below).

In the mid 70s, the band scored high in Thailand, with hits like "Sha-la-la-la", "Telstar", "Thailand Girl" and "When You Walk in the Room". Septimus was a very active band. In 1975 they played 241 gigs, next 211. In 1980 the band got an offer to move to Thailand and concentrate fully on the Asian market. The band members did not agree, and Septimus  remained in Norway.

Local hits to remember are C’est La Vie, 9999999 tårer, Å Kari og I Marinen.

In the mid 80’s they broke up and transferred the right to the Septimus name to new musicians, featuring Jenny Jenssen on vocals.

Many of the old members are still active. In Powersection you'll find Jan Halvorsen and Trond Graff. Dag Eriksen, Øyvind Hartman and Kid Jensen do concerts with The Kinks. Freddy Dahl appears with his legendary band Junipher Greene.

Members of original Septimus
     Steinar Fjeld - vocals, guitar, flute (1969-1983)
     Kai Knutsen - drums (1969-1983)
     Birger Dahlman - guitar (1969-1971)
     Frode Gløersen - organ (1969-1971)
     Dag Eriksen - trombone (1969-1972)
     Øyvind Hartman - trumpet, guitar, vocals (1969-1972)
     Svein Johnsen - bass (1969-1972)
     Tor Egil "Kid" Jensen - trumpet (1969-1978)
     Trond Eliassen - saxophone (1972-1973)
     Øyvind Myhre - organ, vocals (1972-1974)
     Terje Jacobsen - saxophone, vocals (1973-1976)
     Trond Graff - organ (1975-1983)
     Freddy Dahl - guitar, vocals (1978-1983)
     Henrik Lysiak - keyboards (1978-1983)
     Allan Myrvoldheimen - saxophone (1977-1978)
     Jan Halvorsen - guitar (1977-1983)
     Kalle Grelland - saxophone (1976-1977)
     Ståle Rasmussen - guitar (1983)

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