Svigermor's Dream is back !

Svigermors Drøm is back ! Again !

Svigermors Drøm (The dreams of every mother-in-law).
Old hits from the 90s digitally remastered and fresh new recordings are re-establishing this exciting group. Their style is aggresive, loud with meaningful and challenging lyrics.

They started up in 1989 with 5 exciting years, appearing on Rockefeller, starring in a nationwide TV-serie and drawing attention and crowds to their tours. Now they are back with:
Aktuelle med:
 3 New singles:
o Solslynget
o 3 Dimensjoner
o I Lystig Lag
 Relaunch of expanded FRI (Free) EP («1993 Sessions»
 Concert at John Dee i Oslo in Oct. 2015.

Svigermors Drøm appears with these members:

 Stig Gundersen – Guitar
 Magne Wollebæk Simensen – Vocal / guitar
 Anders Aas – Bass
 David Sitkin Røsler – Drums
 Vegard Westreng – percussion
 Øystein Wollebæk Simensen – Flute
 Svigermor's Horns

1993 - sessions with 7 tracks
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