From Helgeland to Nashville

Björn Jens from Helgeland in the northern part of Norway, has a long and career and many good songs. He tells stories from his sailing days, parties, happy songs and more serious material, like Turn Whisky Into Water.

He records most of his music in Nashville among fellow musicians that have become his personal friends over the years.

Also Johnny Cash became one of Bjørn's personal friends and contributes on the Litlle vild Willy song.

Björn Jens writes and sings mostly in Norwegian, but he always translates the lyric for the musicians before the recording so they shall know the contence and the meaning.

In his early years up in Helgeland he was quite a promising soccer player (keeper). Also before his artistcareer he was a seaman for several years.

Lille Ville Willy, introdusert av Johnny Cash

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