French Eurovision winner

A French Evening with Anne Marie David !

Bienvenu - Welcome to a delightful evening with French artist Anne Marie David and her accompagnateur Philippe Leoge - 14 songs incl. her Eurovision-winning
Tu te reconnaîtras

Anne-Marie David were chosen to participate in Eurovision's Jubilees: 50 years  in 2005 and 60 in 2015 ! Eurovisjonens 50 års jubileum i 2005 og 60 års jubileum i 2015.

Anne-Marie David started her musical career with the role of Mary Magdalene in the French version of Jesus Christ Superstar.
After having made considerable success, she was offered to represent Luxembourg in the fortcoming Eurovision Song Contest.

(In her part as Maria Magdalena)

She has represented two countries in the Eurovision Song Contest (Luxembourg in 73 and France in 79), and won with "Tu te reconnaîtras" in 1973 while she came 3rd in 79 with Je suis l'enfant soleil

She worked in Norway in 1980 - 1982 and made the album Rencontres (TWEB 033). English version  Meetings (TWEB 032) will soon also be available.

In 1987 Anne-Marie David ended her career in the music and entertainment industry, burned all the costumes and other things that reminded her life on stage. After that she lived almost as a hermit in the French countryside. She returned in 2005 with a live - album and TV appearance during the Eurovision Song Contest's 50th anniversary.

Anne-Marie David is today touring at her own pace in many parts of the world. She speaks several languages​​. Latest release is in Spanish Federico / A mi Padre


Single TWS 1112 Federico - A Mi Padre

TWEB 032 English

TWEB 033 French

TWEB 068 Live à Charleroi
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