From Norwegian farmland to NY skyscrapers

Bjøro Håland (born 6 October 1943) is a Norwegian country singer.

He was born on Håland in Norway and grew up in Audnedal with five siblings. In 1960 he emigrated to the USA.

He worked as a construction worker and sang in bars.

He found his wife-to-be Liv, in Brooklyn, and in 1966 they moved back to Norway.

His recording career kicked off in the mid 70s with the enormous popular serie Countryfest, where he teamed up with artist collegues Lillian Askeland and Ottar Big Hand Johansen. Bjøro appeared on the first 4 releases of the serie.

Several times during the 80s, he was awarded
”Male Country Vocalist of the Year in Europe”, and also got a good market in the US.

He became a regular at the annual festival in Minot. 

Bjøro Håland has released 22 records which have sold four million copies.

Solo album on Talent label:
Adios Amigo

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