40 years of Frem Fra Glemselen !
Jubile-CD available now inc. 42 songs.

Helge Borglund from Hamar, Hedmark is most known from his contribution

to the succesful record serie Frem Fra Glemselen with common and ancient
songs through the centuries.

He also participated on the very first release of another succesful serie TREFF
back in 1971, as well as in the popular COUNTRYFEST-serie.

From an early age Helge made his remarks as a good singer. His military
services took place way up north. One night Helge sang Pat Boone's hitsong
"I'll Be Home" for frozen and homesick soldiers and some never forgot that.

Among these were coming producer Arve Sigvaldsen. After the services he
was engaged by RCA records and brought Helge into the recording studios.

The solo album Anno 1980
was a cowork with Alf Simensen (lyrics) and Jørn Kolsrud (music and arrangements).

There were songs from the local area f.inst.
«Domen på Hamar», telling a "true ghost story",and other
new songs representing the city of Hamar, county of Hedmark and Mjøsa, Norway's largest lake,

His FREM FRA GLEMSELEN-recordings will probabaly go on through generations. Together with female team singer Rita Engebretsen,
he sold close to 2 million copies of their records since the start in 1974.

42 ancient songs

Original songs from the Hamar area

The very frist Countryfest

The very first Treff

The legendary 3CD-box from the 2000
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