More than 40 years as a recording artist

Photo Fredrik Arff  © Terje Stenstad

As a young teenager in the late 60’s INGER LISE RYPDAL (then with last name ANDERSEN) held the no. 1 and no. 2 spot in the official sales chart (VG) with her 2 first singlesRomeo & Julie” and “Fru Johnsen” (HarperValley PTA). At the same time she took her Romeo & Julia to the top of the Swedish charts.These are still legendary recordings that she always has to do on stage and still get a lot of airplay. A special version of Fru Johnsen can be seen on YouTube. Her album from 1973 Fra 4 til 70 became the first ever Norwegian Platinum album.

In the 70’s she joined forces with 2 fellow no 1 artists STEIN INGEBRIGTSEN and GRO ANITA SCHÖNN and formed the TREFF album serie. They made 22 albums with a total of 240 weeks on the VG Top 20 album charts !

After the Talent-period she has released several albums, among them
Till min kära (1987 Björn Afzelius),
Inger Lise, religios (2001) and
Ansikter Faces (2007).

Early in her career she started making movies, and has developed her talent in many fields. 
Inger Lise Rypdal is a major artist on the Norwegian scene – as singer, actress and entertainer.

2015 Inger Lise became a kind of revival with TV2's Hver gang vi møtes. (Everytime we meet), followed by touring the country to meet her many friends again with the performance From Toten to Now.

The very debut single

Romeo and Julia, her 1st No 1 single

No 1 in Sweden

Fru Johnsen, legendary Norwegian version of Harper Vallet PTA

The first Norwegian Platinum album

Feat.: Etter 50 år

Feat.: Baby Blue, SOS

Produced in London by Sir Henry Hadaway

Her last Talent-album

Her Studio B album

Compiled by Inger Lise incl. Fru Johnsen and Voodoo

Compilation - and some new

Her Swedish hits

Inger Lise sings Björn Afzelius

TV promoted double album
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