Jens Book-Jenssen (1910 - 1999)

Jens Book-Jenssen is the greatest recording artists of all times in Norway. Since his debut in 1933, via his last reordings in 1986, he has sold more than 3 million records in Norway alone.
Jens Peter Book-Jenssen was born on Nov 14 1910 as the son of Paulina Book from Åsgårdstrand and gardener Olaf Jenssen from Hamar. He grew up at the farm Store Stabekk outside Oslo with her 5 year older sister Margot and 5 year younger brother Fin.
He early showed interest and talent for music, and got his first instrument, a fiddle, at the age of 6. He was also fond of sports and was active in bandy and football during his teens. In 1931 he did his duty in the army.
In 1932 he responded to an advertisement from the Star Hall (Stjernesalen) in Bergen and got his first official engagement as a singer, entertainer and musician. His growing reputation reached to Oslo, and in 1933 he made his recording debut with Ancora Bar. Following that he was engaged by the leading music hall directors at the time,
Victor Bernau and Einar Rose, to star in their show.
His career took off in a wide scale and he became King of Comic Theatre and Record sales for decades to come. Already in the mid-1950s he became the first Norwegian artist to sell over one million records. You can hear him tell the story of his life and career (in Norwegian) in the soundbook from 1985 - Det er lov å være bli’ - available at your digital music shop. Besides the story of his life, you get 40 selected recordings.

To his 2007-album Et vennlig ord (A friendly word), a video with Jens Book-Jenssen was produced.

His latest release Alle går rundt og forelsker seg contains 20 tracks from NRK’s archives reproduced with additional instruments and voices. See presentation on the NRK News Dec. 4, 2012

His awards include:
  • The King's Gold Medal of Merit - 1949
  • Grammy (Spelemannsprisen) in 1973
  • The Leonard statue in 1974
  • Awarded  the greatest recording artists of all times in Scandinavia in 1978
  • Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav - 1981
  • The Gammleng Award - 1982
  • Leif Juster's Honour Award - 1983

Who was he -
this beacon in Norwegian culture ?

Here are previous excerts from his colorful 

1 - My mother and Edvard Munch
2 - Daddy was a Gardenermp3-fil
3 - Bestefar fra Hamar og navnet.mp3_
4 - My first instrument

5 - The Ess-cornett
6 - My brother Fin
7- The first job
8 - 
Folksongs at Victoria Terrace
9 - The Starsaloon in Bergen
10 - About Herman Wildenwey
11 - Ernst Rolf i Bergen 5:46
12 - Ernst Rolf som mentor 2:36
13 - Tecnical development

14 - Dreaming of Chat Noir
15 - The first recordings 3:02
16 - Akre's Trio 3:05

The whole album, choose from these:

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Latest release CTBCD 1202

His 2007-album

with Monn Iversens orch

Gipsy songs and favorites, from 1980 - TLS 4044

Great dopublealbum from 1975

Christmas collection, digitized from vinyl and shellac 2014

Christmas album from 2008, classic songs and other versions

The Book from 1985

The Soundbook from 1985 incl 4 MCs

Rerelease of the Book from 1995

Bookn-Book from 1999 incl CD w 17 songs
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