Lars Børke (Feb. 19. 1947 – April 28. 2007)

Lars knew the record business from all sides; being artist, musician, composer, lyricist, producer, music publisher and record label executive.
His works have been recorded by several artists. Most famous succesful is probably Innerst i sjelen (Deep in my soul), recorded by Sissel Kyrkjebø in Norway and Cecilia Vennersten in Sweden.
Lars-Edvin Børke was educated carpentry, hand notching specialty. Grandfather was a blacksmith in Narvik, and through him he became familiar with the rallarmiljeu which later appeared in some of his songs.
Lars developed early their musical talents. At age 13, he started his first band "Hustlers". He came into the music industry in 1972 climbing from bottom to top, like many other executives.
He also had great skills in crafts such as notching, carpentry and built cabins and boats. Lars was never bad to ask for a favor. He had also a vast network of good friends both inside and outside the music industry.

Lasa w Asa Krogtoft

Lasa compilation

Lasa w Asa Krogtoft

Country duets w Cathy Ryen

1975 - 1995
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