The Millionseller
Photo: Arve Ringen
In total Lillian Askeland record sales have long surpassed 1 million copies. But that was long ago big hits such as "Jambalaya". "Frank," "Jimmy Brown" and "You needed me," Now Lillian. What has happened since last time?
"I have worked as a teacher during the day and studied evenings and weekends over many years," says Lillian Askeland. Having a background as a singer has certainly not been a drawback, but an advantage in school. Since early eighties she wanted more education.  Took Ex - Phil. At ninety -'s Bachelor in Social Education, courses in Motivation.  She graduated some years back in  Political Science: Human Rights in crises, wars, and disasters.

Besides, she has always been active in the music field; most with her group Country Snakes. " Country music has always held a strong position in Norway. Lillian Askeland has always been one major contributor.

In 2015 she and collague
Ottar Big Hand Johansen can celebrate their 50's anniversaries as artists. They are now on tour celebrating themselves as well as the 40's anniversary for their topselling albumserie Countryfest.

Her first solo album

Next album with many hits

3rd Norwegian album

Produced in Nashville by Blake Mevis

Successalbum from the 80s

Duet album with Ottar Big Hand

83 album for Big Hand records

Arranged by Rolf Løvland in the mid 80s

22 his, lisenced to Tylden Records

The first Countryfest album to pass 100.000 copies

The latest album from 2008
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