Nick Borgen

Singer, songwriter, producer, sound engineer, multi instrumentalist born in Andenes, Norway  1952.  After a promising start in Norway as “The youngest pop guitarist in the country", he set for Sweden in the late 60s.
From 1986 to1990 Nick Borgen and Arve Sigvaldsen had an active collaboration in Norway resulting in hits like Det er lov å være bli’ (Jens Book-Jenssen), Soldatens Kortstokk (Stein Ingebrigtsen) and Ut Mot Havet (Rune Rudberg).
Nick Borgen has scored numerous hits in Sweden, like Den glider in (for Tre Kronor - Sweden's National hockey team), We are all the winners and World Wide Web (Eurovision). His latest album is Visor i nöd och lust.

Nick Borgen tour today much together with his band, but has recently also appeared more acoustic, just with his guitar and a wide bundle of his many fine lyrics and melodies.
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